Corporate Responsibility and Workers Rights

HomieX, in our IRC channel, has given a great deal of thought to the problems of corporate persons and the destruction of the lives of workers in this country. Here’s his list of necessary changes:

Corporate Responsibility Act

1) A corporation is responsible to its country, citizens and its workers first then second its shareholders.
2) A corporation is not a legal person, therefore it can not buy anything or give money to politicians.
3) A corporation’s charter is to be renewed every 7 years when its operations will be reviewed. If it has not lived up to its social responsibilities then it will have its charter revoked.
4) Pay caps for CEOs, members of the board and other executives.
5) A standardized corporate tax in all states.
6) The abolishment of tax loopholes and many deductions.
7) The breakup of monopolies.
8) Limited liability is abolished, people at the top who make the decisions are to be held responsible for their actions. They can be sued directly and also fined directly, arrested and hauled into court.
9) Board members are forbidden from sitting on the boards of multiple corporations.
10) Off shore tax free havens are to be shut down.
11) The creation of far more employee owned businesses.

Worker’s Bill of Rights

1) Mandatory drug testing, background checks, physicals, credit checks, and psych tests are BANNED. Exceptions would allow drug & background checks where the safety of the public is a factor, bus drivers, etc.
2) The only things an employer may inquire into are: education and work history
3) A worker’s private life is none of the employer’s concern, including smoking, drug use, sexual orientation, political activities.
4) All questions inquiring about race, sex, vet status are banned.
5) Vacation time is to be five weeks after one year of service.
6) Min wage is to be $14/hr. $10/hr for small companies.
7) A national pension system for all workers that is not controlled by the employer, its money cannot be touched by the employer. The employer will match employee contributions up to a certain amount like a 401K but there will be no investments with the money.
8) No property or school taxes shall be collected from people over age 65. The age of retirement will be lowered to 65.
9) Expand Medicaid in all states to give all Americans healthcare / dental care whether they are working or not, healthcare is to be removed as a responsibility of employers.
10) Workers shall be paid double time for working Sundays and holidays.
11) Unemployment compensation is to be expanded up to five years.

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