The Utopian · The Thirteen Commandments of Neoliberalism

The Utopian · The Thirteen Commandments of Neoliberalism.

This is both educational and horrifying. People you once considered “conservative” quite often buy into this. It’s a somewhat confusing doctrine, because they are swift to shift bits of it around, dispense with huge chunks to further their commodification of all things, ideas and people.

Neoliberalism is a sociopathic.. I hesitate to call it a philosophy, because it’s not that nuanced. It’s a highly malleable means to the end of enslaving humans and the earth to the production of wealth for the few, and as such, has no real principles at all.

Read the above link for a valuable understanding of the many attacks on our humanity and freedom, such as the T-Trade deals Obama is pushing now. Neoliberalism cuts across parties like a machete, laying waste to the original principles they were established on. It’s more akin to a cancer or a virus, spreading infection by any means possible, and hiding inside the cells of both government and non-government organizations, attacking from all sides.

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