2016 Election Fraud Roundup

The first report is a statistical analysis of the actual vote counts in each state from smallest precincts to largest. It’s based on the mathematical “Law of Large Numbers” and in a normal graph, the lines for each candidate flatten out to a roughly horizontal line (averages). Anything that doesn’t is equivalent to shuffling a deck of cards and having it end up in numerical order. It’s pretty much impossible. Anyway, take a look. It’s pretty amazing. Electoral System in Crisis Report The report was authored by top statisticians and is highly credible.

Next up is a 6 part study of newer voting machines, and it reveals how the above might have happened. Link is to the first of the series, you can pick up the rest from there: Fraction Magic Part 1

The next report addresses all the myriad *other* frauds being perpetrated on voters, from Election Justice USA (opens pdf file): Democracy Lost

This is a good video on it: 2016 Election at Risk – STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote

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