White Papers and Graphs

Money vs. Credit
Amazing how the amount of money the federal government contributes to the economy is matched by the amount of money the public wants to save, innit?

Intro to MMT and why we need to understand the differences between what we have now and what we had on the gold standard:

MMT Response to Critics

Why we don’t need the Fed to raise rates:
The Natural Rate of Interest is Zero–Mosler, Forster

Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis

Graphs, Flowcharts, Animations:

How the federal deficit becomes private savings

How the federal deficit becomes private savings.

And this gizmo is really cool! It shows the effects of various spending/saving/credit operations on the entire economy, with excellent explanations.

Nice set of graphics and explanations for how the mainstream view of money differs from the MMT version. There are 2 tabs, the Issuer-User Paradigm, which is the MMT approach explained with graphics, and the User Paradigm, which clarifies which economists adhere to each version.

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