The GOP Is Trying to Nuke Net Neutrality With a Budget Bill Sneak Attack | Motherboard

The GOP proves once again that they’re sneaky, underhanded, rotten, and profoundly anti-democracy and anti-America:

The GOP Is Trying to Nuke Net Neutrality With a Budget Bill Sneak Attack | Motherboard.


‘Being homeless is better than working for Amazon’ | Money | The Guardian

Is this what we really want in America? This is one of the richest nations on earth. We *can* afford to house, feed and take care of every single one of us.

Nichole Gracely has a master’s degree and was one of Amazon’s best order pickers. Now, after protesting the company, she’s homeless.

‘Being homeless is better than working for Amazon’ | Money | The Guardian.

I’m beginning to think that America has gone crazy. GOP shortsightedness and just plain meanness is leading to vast losses of national treasure.

She is not the only woman, Sandra Pena spends one night a week on Hotel 22.

A well-spoken, well-educated and strikingly beautiful woman of 52, she is not the average night passenger.

She spent nine years working as a technician for Arantech – which was at one time one of the bigger tech firms in Silicon Valley, until she was made redundant in 1989.

Shortly after, she decided to start up her own construction business, which enjoyed some success.

But at the height of the recession in 2009 she lost it all and had her home repossessed.

She started living out of her truck, doing odd job for neighbours, until she could no longer afford that either.

“I was hit by everything at once, and sometimes you just can’t pick yourself up from that,“ says Sandra, who is wearing pristine blue jeans and a button-down blouse. “Never, ever, would I have imagined myself in this situation.”

When there are no free beds at the local shelter, Sandra sleeps on the bus.

At some point, someone needs to ask how on earth we can *afford* to have so many productive people sidelined. A nation’s wealth is it’s people. No matter what resources you have or don’t have, it’s people that turn it into wealth. We are the wealth creators. Not the “owners of capital”; indeed, all of the tax cuts, corporate welfare and even direct subsidies to the rich have *not* created more wealth. All it’s done is removed it from production. This is not a case of “we can’t afford these homeless people.” It’s “How can we afford to waste these people??!

And then there are the death panels:

Malcolm MacDougall, a prominent speechwriter and creative director, was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year. Even after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, his insurance company delayed and denied cancer treatments despite MacDougall paying his premiums. This is his story, in his own words, written five days before he died.

There never were any government death panels, but we’ve had insurance-company death panels for decades now. Where are the hysterical conservative voices protesting these? Oh right. The GOP isn’t pro-life and it’s not even pro-wealth. It’s pro-rich. There’s a big difference.


Voter purges alter US political map | Al Jazeera America

Why does this story continue to get no traction in the media? Evidence is mounting that the GOP literally stole races across the nation by disenfranchising millions of voters, and there’s *no* outcry in the media? This makes no sense.
This government can have no legitimacy while this is allowed to go uninvestigated and uncorrected.

Voter purges alter US political map | Al Jazeera America.


ALEC #fail

With Chart Porn!
Alec Destroying the Economy One State at a Time

It appears that a high score on the “ALEC/Laffer Competitiveness Scale” is a reliable indicator on where *not* to invest your money, look for a job, or live. One’a them-there “economic indicators” one might say!

The full report:
Snake Oil to the States

ALEC's "competitiveness" criteria

See how “competitive” Gov. Brownback was?


Governor Brownback’s Big Misadventure:
GOP Governor Follows ALEC Prescription, Disaster Ensues

Just listen to Uncle ALEC, and you’ll be rolling in clover!

Governor Sam Brownback is facing an organized revolt from centrist Republicans, over 100 of whom just endorsed the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, so disgruntled are they with the effects of Brownback’s rule.

In many ways, Brownback’s term has been a perfect experiment in Republican governance. Take a crusading conservative governor, give him a legislature with Republican super-majorities so he can do pretty much whatever he wants, and let him implement the right’s wish list. The result was supposed to be a nirvana of economic growth and budgetary stability. But the opposite happened.

How can there be any doubt any longer about how incredibly, egregiously, and perhaps even *deliberately* wrong they are? Why aren’t they being primaried out of existence? These states are all so traumatized they all have Stockholm syndrome?