Obama Should Be Ashamed, Part II

I have not the slightest illusion that our corporate-controlled puppets are unaware of this, and I’m revolted that this is what they are–slimy supporters of the most vicious imaginable fascism. US history is saturated with the blood of millions, and it’s leaders have no conscience and even less remorse, let alone good judgement.

Russian news: VIDEO: Ukrainian Nazi Torturers Brand Swastikas on Prisoners' Buttocks – Russia Insider.

US Backed Neo-Nazi Pride in Torture Techniques

Maybe the US is planning to hire these guys for future use on American citizens who dare to protest, eh?

Mariupol is now occupied by the Ukraine Army. It was about to be taken by Novorussia when the cease-fire stopped it. Since then, the Ukraine Army and Kolomoiskys Nazi marauders have been terrorizing the population. The same–torture, robbery and murder is being reported throughout Ukraine, all the way to Kiev. And still, Obama remains silent on these horrific abuses, and continues to pretend that this is some strange intervention of Putin’s, without presenting the slightest shred of evidence for it.

Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol

US meddling and fostering of human rights abuses of the most horrific kind, the devastation of entire nations, the destruction of the lives of millions in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and now Ukraine is turning the world against the US rapidly and decisively, and frankly, it’s very hard to see why they shouldn’t. The US has become the Kraken of the world, wrapping slimy tentacles around every oil-bearing nation and dragging them into the abyss of war, while simultaneously condemning all of us to devastation by climate change.

The amount the US wastes on war could convert the entire continent to alternative, clean energy, and eliminate all dependence on foreign oil.


Obama Should Be Ashamed

Important stuff. Obama, Abbot and company should be deeply ashamed at what they’re promoting in Ukraine.
This is real:
Ukraine Nazis Atrocities in Mariupol

And it is completely unbelievable that Obama is not aware of it.

Putin is still the only adult in the room:

Putin: ‘Supporting Russophobia in Ukraine will result in catastrophe’ — RT Russian politics.