The Vineyard of the Saker: We cannot let MH17 be forgotten – Please help us!

Trying to sweep it under the rug now, as I expected they would when they could not convince anyone it was Russia or the Novorossiyans:

The Vineyard of the Saker: We cannot let MH17 be forgotten – Please help us!.


Why I Quit the Democratic Party Today | kulturCritic

This expresses my horror and disbelief better than anything I’ve seen yet:

Why I Quit the Democratic Party Today | kulturCritic.

For this I would support impeachment, for the investigation would blow the lid off US meddling across the world. Of course, that insures that no impeachment over anything more serious than a blow job will ever be allowed to proceed.

From his letter requesting an impeachment resolution:

Do you want to spend 2015 and 2016 in a Congress of which both houses are controlled by Republicans, who are writing, and Obama is signing into law, bills such as S. 2277, which has 26 sponsors, all of whom are Republican Senators (no Democrats favor this bill), and which will give Obama carte-blanche to ramp up his military support to the nazi Ukrainian government, while it’s slaughtering and expelling millions of the residents in Ukraine’s southeast? Is this what America stands for? Is this what the Democratic Party (and not only the Republican Party) now represents?

Perhaps Russia won’t be too harsh on American refugees..


Western media inspect Russia’s Ukraine aid trucks and find… aid — RT News

Western media inspect Russia's Ukraine aid trucks and find… aid — RT News.

A Russian convoy to deliver humanitarian aid has reached the Ukrainian border. Some western journalists were given the opportunity to monitor its progress, as well as being allowed to see what they were carrying.

The Ukrainian government had been adamant that this was little more than a ‘Trojan Horse’ being used to transport Russian military hardware to anti-government troops in the east of the country. Trucks ‘inspection’ showed they were carrying quiet a different load.

Tweet: Looked inside several trucks, found buckwheat, sleeping bags and a mechanics workshop.


‘White rain’: Donetsk residents record alleged phosphorus shelling (VIDEO) — RT News

This is pure demolition. They have no intention of allowing these cities to exist again:

‘White rain’: Donetsk residents record alleged phosphorus shelling (VIDEO) — RT News.

Isn’t the wholesale slaughter of civilians against some war convention?


Kolomoyskiy assistant’s Facebook account hacked – the Boeing downed by junta! » voice of Sevastopol

Well, now, this is interesting…

Kolomoyskiy assistant’s Facebook account hacked – the Boeing downed by junta! » voice of Sevastopol.

19.07.2014 09:15
Anatoliy Gritsenko
Slava! What the hell?! What have you bitches done? How could you upload that video the day before the operation???!!! Do you understand that the «Russists» have already given it for the expert review and requested Youtube for the date of its very first upload???


NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War | Consortiumnews

A week or so ago, Gleb Bazov, a russian translator that’s been helping tremendously to get the other side of the story out, notified readers that intelligence captured from the Uke army indicated that they planned to blow up a chemical plant containing thousands of gallons of ammonia, and the nearby water treatment plant, with thousands of gallons of chlorine, which will obviously result in many horrific deaths–and evidently they’re attempting to do that now:
Bombing Donetsk chemical plant

And Robert Parry explains:

Exclusive: Throughout the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. State Department and mainstream media have downplayed the role of neo-Nazis in the U.S.-backed Kiev regime, an inconvenient truth that is surfacing again as right-wing storm troopers fly neo-Nazi banners as they attack in the east, Robert Parry reports.

via NYT Discovers Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis at War | Consortiumnews.


Kiev’s War on Video |

Disinformation, and the UN lying on demand:

Kiev’s War on Video |

..and some very important points for anyone that wants to document (or find out) what is actually happening:

Which is why we need to keep fighting to get video material out there. Here are some of the most obvious things we can do, and I’d be very grateful to hear if anyone knows of any more:

Upload material when most of North America is in bed – ie between 09.00 and 15.00 GMT. There are still caretakers, of course, but they’re fewer and slower and can let things slide for hours.

Consider uploading also to Ru-tube and/or LiveLeak.

When you’re uploaded, tweet the link immediately to RT and LiveNews. They’ll download quickly and the material is then largely untouchable.

When we find a video of obvious importance, then download it immediately – BEFORE posting the link to Twitter or anywhere else Kiev will see it. Also be sure to take screenshots of key material, including the title and time of uploading.

When we’re editing, be sure to smack huge captions over every frame of ‘comparison material’ so that no-one can mistake it for fakery. Forget subtlety – go for clarity every time.

Don’t fall victim to fakes ourselves. Check the channel owner and the videos they’ve uploaded in the past. Search ‘Videos’ for whatever the subject is, eg ‘cluster bombs’, ‘UN helicopters’. A search for ‘white phosphorus’ would have brought up Fallujah at the top.

Also see this:
Kiev’s fake picture scam


Missile, Cannon Brought Down Jet? — New Straits Times, Malaysia

This report evidently only appeared in their print version, so far:
Missile, Cannon Brought Down Jet -- New Straits Times, Malaysia

I would really like to know who the anonymous “experts” cited in this are. However, it appears that this whole thing has aroused enough suspicions even for such an apparently mainstream print news source as this seems to be. In any case, they have quite a collection of photos and other news on it on their site.
An earlier report contains the statements by the first OSCE monitors on the site, which I haven’t seen anywhere else:
Pockmarks Look Like Machine Gun Fire
The money quote:

“It had to have been a hail of bullets from both sides that brought the plane down. This is Haisenko’s main discovery. You can’t have projectiles going in both directions — into the left-hand-side fuselage panel from both its left and right sides — unless they are coming at the panel from different directions.

“Nobody before Haisenko had noticed that the projectiles had ripped through that panel from both its left side and its right side. This is what rules out any ground-fired missile,” Parry had said.

New Straits main site: New Straits Times home page
And much more here: New Straits Times MH17 page